- Protective clothing CLEANTEX - electrostatic dissipative clothing acc. EN 1149-5
- ESD HI-VISIBLE waist-coat

acc. EN ISO 20471:2013


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certification acc.

EN ISO 9001:2009


Since 2001 CLEANTEX company permanently partakes in EUREKA! projects. This program is one of European strategical and cooperation tools in the field of applied and industrial research and innovative activities. The program aim is to support international cooperation among European industrial companies, research institutions and colleges. The target is to create conditions for efficiency and competitiveness improvement in European industry and the development of common infrastructure.


Within these projects CLEANTEX company cooperates with a Finnish research institution VTT Tampere. There we can check antistatic characteristics of our products and materials (according to the up-to-date standards which are becoming valid). We can also check cleanroom material and product characteristics:

  • linting
  • the pore size of textiles
  • air permeability
  • particles pemeability

What is examined in ESD cleanroom antistatic materials:

  • triboelectric charging
  • surface resistance
  • point-to-point resistance
  • discharging time
  • surface resistivity
  • vertical resistance